The Invertospheroid Universe

That’s a shape, just to keep my visual cortex happy. Although really it’s just an idea of a shape, with object-like traits added to it. Hands up who thinks the universe is sort of round? Well yes, trouble is if you stand back and look at that, all of a sudden you’re needing a boundary, a size, an inside, and an outside; what is outside, beyond the cosmos by the way? It’s ok, there is a shape that can be everywhere, and have a boundary. What shape might that be and how is it expanding from one origin but hurtling faster and faster to a myriad of others? Faster implies coalescence doesn’t it? How can it expand and contract at the same time? How come there’s lots of it that must be there, dark matter, but it remains hidden out of understanding?

So I made a shape to make me happier, to pretend to my aching head and heart that there were answers to these impossible questions. You can’t see this shape, but you can think about it, and if you’re really bright, do mathy things with it; what fun! It’s funny though, oddly conforming to some things we sort of know. For a start the space is curved, lumpy perhaps in places, but always slowly imperceptibly curved across it’s vastness. And it is contained, I mean it has a surface, but just one. The surface is flat I think, relatively flat compared to space, and it’s everywhere. The surface has just one side, like a mobius strip, but no edges! If you could set off along it in any direction, eventually you would arrive back where you started, from the opposite, or perhaps every direction. The surface with one side encloses all the space, and because it has only one side, it encloses all of the outside space, and all of the inside space in the cosmos. It’s a truly amazing surface, it touches all space, and holds everything together. It is a gravity field binding matter and maybe energy to time I think.

In places it has holes in it, and yes you are correct, the holes are black. On the one sided surface at any point in space it’s doing double time, holding, and because of our limited viewpoint, hiding more of the cosmos than meets our eyes. It could very likely be that if you could reach the other point in space the surface must be incidental to, you would have traversed a huge time span, perhaps instantly.

Ahh, I hear you say, certain you can upset my happiness, but what about the Big Bang? But you can’t upset me because I think it just flipped,… inverted. It’s happening all the time, what is in is coming out, and what is out is going in. That is the nature of the Invertospheroid Universe.


4 responses to “The Invertospheroid Universe

  1. a mobius strip can’t flip… can it? thinking about… slowly turning the strip over? or the ‘two’ ‘sides’ of the surface changing sides? can the surface have opposed ‘sides’ in the sense that a mobius strip does?

    • Well of course if the surface is a gravity field holding space (and matter / energy) and time together, but it has only one side like a mobius strip, then the apparent ‘other side’ is perhaps another time. They might be connected in some way, for example, the other time is how long it would take for that point in the slowly spinning universe (everything spins, it’s so soothing) to arrive at that incidental point.
      I used flip to express the idea of a repetitious transition. Ok all the matter we can see seems to have had a single origin, and is expanding and accelerating outwards; coalescing back to the origin after having traversed the invertospheroid? Either the edges are also at the centre, or everything is just going to hit something else; I think it’s a question of elegance.

  2. I have drawn an ephemeral object; that is strangely sustained by a mysterious unbalance, and so I imagine it is the oscillation that gives effect to the space, matter and time we percieve. I see the black holes as preludes to the cosmic symphony, each passing through the gravity surface, but not into an impossible dead singularity, but out into the other space, which is the same space in another time. The form of everything as it transforms might be a massive deflation, followed by a corresponding inflation, like the one we can still see the echo of. The only reason the universe doesn’t just go out in an impossible singularity, is because that is as a universe appearing from one. At some point the form of everything deflating changes to that required to make the inversion and the first law, although maybe distorted in the process, emerges intact.

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